logoBridget Conway is a creative, feminist, nerd, and devoted cat lady currently residing in Sydney, Australia.

Originally hailing from Detroit, USA, she has dual American and Australian citizenship. She calls the world her home.

In March of 2015 she was admitted to hospital due to risk of self-harm after many long years of battling depression and anxiety. In May of 2015 she began a project of healing, vowing to take care of herself every day by doing something creative and unique to her. First, she wrote a poem every day, and after a year of that, she turned to making a painting a day. You can purchase her eBook Every Day For One Year I Sat Down and Wrote Myself by clicking here.

The struggle to feel free again whilst having a mental illness is a slow and painful journey, misunderstood by most but experienced by a lot. The path involves rediscovering what you love most, finding out how to care about yourself, and learning how to forgive yourself.

Bridget also has written for numerous online zines, most notably she was the Arts Editor for Lipmag from 2015 – 2016 and a writer for student journal Hijacked.